Help us crowdsource a name for the new Colorado patent office by submitting your favorite Colorado innovator.

Justice Byron White. In a time the Denver business flourished,he rendered legal help. Not inventor, but helped business, & a great American.
Ruth Handler, inventor of the Barbie Doll
10th Mountain Division
Nikola Tesla. Hands down.
F. R. Sabin, Office of Innovation: First woman elected to the National Academy of Sciences; born in Central City, CO.
Nicola Tesla inventor of many important electrical innovations…
Robert J. Seiwald, inventor of the first patented antibody labeling agent
Louis Ballast trademarked the cheeseburger! Nothing more American than that. He deserves a cemented spot in history.
How about promotion of the new Colorado Patent Office with the slogan “INNOVATION AT ELEVATION”
David Packard- co-founder of Hewlett Packard, Pueblo Native, noted philanthropist
Name:” Not in Denver” Typical ; most expensive city, most expensive cost (both to build and to man), longest commutes– to use more gas.
Not a person, but ‘Patent Place’ would pretty much describe it. Or maybe ‘Patent Depot’ would work…
I go with the folks suggesting Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla, without a doubt.
The Nikola Tesla Patent Office is the perfect name that honors a great inventor and our State of Colorado
My choice would be the Margaret Mary Murname Patent Office after the award winning U of CO, Boulder physicist, inventor of high speed lasers
Wild West Patent Office
“Centennial”, should be the name of the Patentoffice
Brad Feld has done a lot to put Colorado on top of the innovation map
could name it the “Molly Brown Patentoffice”
Tesla, former Springs resident. He once caused a city wide blackout conducting an experiment, crazy guy…..
Zebulon Pike
SuperTech5280 Many great American Inventors – many deserving recognition. Unfair to those not chosen. Relate name to our great state/city.
I like INNOVATION AT ELEVATION as a name for the Patent Office
ColoPatO for Colorado patent Office
Definitely @bfeld Brad Feld, who Most Definitely has the right ideas w.r.t. Patents
I vote for David Packard, co-founder of Hewlett Packard, Pueblo native, who put the CO flag high
It’s gotta be Tesla. And when are we going to make his lab into a museum?
Brad Feld, definitely.
Ron Popeil. The greatest inventor of all time. His company, Ronco is now owned by a Denver company.
David Packard, co-founder of Hewlett Packard, Pueblo native, Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient and noted philanthropist
Brad Feld
As a way to fully leverage the new Patent Office, we should add a Museum of Future Inventions, something the DaVinci Institute is working on
Gary LaFever-Colorado entrepreneur/attorney with 3 patents issued/4+ pending / works with inventors –
Without a doubt @bfeld, who has written and spoken more clearly about the patent system than any Coloradan.
Willard Libby invented carbon dating, one of the most important scientific methods we use today
David Packard a Colorado Native and cofounder of Hewlett-Packard makes most sense…given the technological innovations that HP pioneered…
I vote for Brad Feld. He’s working hard for responsible patent reform
Name it the John Denver Patent Office the we can refer to it as the Denver Patent Office
Definitely Brad Feld
W. Libby Patent Office: Nobel Prize; Radio Carbon Dating etc
Thomas Jefferson Memorial. Most instrumental American in forming the US patent system and patent protection to a Constitutional level.
Marvin Caruthers – Inventor of Gene Machine
How about the Michael F. Bennet Patent Office? You’re a pretty innovative guy and had a lot to do with bringing the patent office to CO.
I vote the new Colorado Patent Office be named after Brad Feld.
Brad Feld. Yes.
David Reckseen, Colo. native. In 2009 Patented his Armadillo water hose. His creative spirit & persistent drive turn ideas into realities.
I truly believe that the new office should be named @bfeld.
John Leonard “Jack” Swigert, Jr. Astronaut on Apollo 13 and US Congressman from CO.
W. Libby Office of Innovation: Nobel Prize winner in chemistry, discovered radio-carbon dating; born in Grand Valley, CO
Pat Schroeder
Bertha L. MacGregor (1891-1978), pioneering woman Patent Lawyer selected as one of Colorado’s Greatest Lawyers in July 1997.
Brad Feld – helps support and drive innovation!
Nikola Tesla, former Springs resident.
Willard Libby – Nobel prize winner, discovered radio-carbon dating:
Tesla of course!
Nikola Tesla absolutely ! “I do not think there is any thrill that can go thorugh the human heart like that felt by the inventor…”
Brad Feld.
David Packard’s Wikipedia Bio
Brad Feld is the only one wanting to stop the trolls, it should be Brad Feld.
Tesla Patent Office sounds great!
Nikola Tesla… Worked for a time in Colorado Springs and author of around 300 patents worldwide.
How about naming it after a local inventor who has left a legacy of innovation in small business? The Victor J. Hawkins Patent Office.
Brad Feld!
“Office of American Ideas” or “Office of American Innovation ”
I vote for Brad Feld
Brad Feld, for sure. The Bradley Feld Patent Office. It has a great ring to it.
My vote goes to Brad Feld. Innovation = @bfeld! Say hull yes to responsible patent reform.
Brad Feld represents the future, and actually understands the patent system. Feld’s dedication to kaizen deserves recognition.
David Packard – Pueblo Native, co-founder of Hewlett-Packard Company, philanthrophist and obvious choice.
Brad Feld
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